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LED technology is evolving very rapidly. New features and improved performance are added to our new products. We can assist you with the analysis to determine which LED is best for your needs and what the payback would be for your project.

Many of the products we sell are specifically designed to retrofit into existing light fixtures to reduce the initial cost. This makes the return on investment very attractive.


1. First we visit your location.

2. Then we evaluate the areas of high energy consumption

3. Finally we give you the best quotation according to your budget and future savings!

Customer Service Center

Our customer service center is staffed with well-trained professionals to answer your questions regarding our products and services. Our service center is also equipped with state of the art test equipment to perform customization, design and diagnostic tests.


Don’t see what you are looking for? We have in-house engineering to customize LED lighting to meet your project’s needs. We are able to design and have manufactured custom LED products that are very time and cost competitive. We offer this service for both large and small projects.

Service & Technical Support

We can assist you with many services beyond just selling the fixture. We are partnered with lighting architects and engineers to work on your lighting needs. We have licensed installers to recommend. We also provide post-sales technical support with engineers located in North Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the benefits of LED’s?

LEDs have many benefits when compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting. LEDs are much more energy efficient and generate significantly less heat. This means more of the energy consumed goes to produce light as opposed to heat. Thus, for the same amount of energy, LEDs produce greater light and less heat resulting in significant energy cost savings.

LEDs also have the advantage that they do not contain mercury like fluorescent does, so LEDs are friendlier for the environment. Importantly, LED’s have a useful life that is more than four times that of fluorescents and as much as ten times that of incandescent. This means you not only save money on the actual bulb, but also you have significant savings on the labor of not changing the bulbs or tubes as frequently. This makes a particular difference if your ceiling is difficult to access.

Aren’t LED’s expensive?

We don’t think so. It is true that a LED bulb or tube is more expensive to buy than a fluorescent one. However, you can immediately begin to recover that cost difference by the fact that the energy consumption is approximately less than half. Over the period of several years, you could have to buy fluorescent replacement tubes several times before you would have to replace LED’s. Combining the energy savings, replacement tube savings, and labor savings, in most commercial applications, the initial cost difference can be recovered in a matter of months.

Do these products qualify for Green Energy Tax incentives?

There are many federal, state, and local tax incentives to help make buildings and energy use more earth friendly. We suggest you check with both your state and local agencies to see what programs are currently in place. There may be additional savings for you there.

Can I install these products in an existing building?

Absolutely. That is exactly what we had in mind when we decided to carry these LED tubes and bulbs. In the case of the bulbs, it is only a matter of screwing the bulb into the existing fixture. In the case of the tube, they are designed to fit perfectly in the existing fluorescent tube fixture. Some light re-wiring is required.

What would it take to have a customized LED product?

A lot of what we do is customization. We can help you develop the requirement, size up the project to meet your budget, implement the design, manufacture and support the product. For example:

A lighting system with automatic on and off function by tracking the movement of people in the lighted area.

We can produce our design in our local factory to meet the Made in USA requirements.

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