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Our Experience

We are a company that is founded on principals of customer satisfaction and good engineering. We believe that a good company and good relationship with our customers begins with a well-designed and well-built product that meets our customer’s requirement and expectation. We continue to push the edge of technology, which includes building and maintaining relationships with suppliers across the globe.

Our management has its roots in Fortune 200 companies, specifically in the areas of customer support/services, engineering, product development, and global sourcing. On a daily basis, we apply what we learned at these great companies and use it to build great long-term relationships with our customers. We take pride in the fact that our owners are actively involved in all projects. This allows for us to understand your needs, provide you a personal service, and propose the best solution for your project.

Product Line

We offer LED lighting for commercial and residential applications. We have selected the very best product from suppliers across the globe. We believe it is equally important to discard underperforming products as it is to select great products. We eliminated quite a few products that we felt did not meet longevity, heat dispersion, quality, packaging, or other important requirements. Our ability to select these products comes from our decades of experience with customers and in technology and supply chain.

Quick Service & Delivery

Many of our products are stocked in our North Carolina warehouse. These can be delivered quickly, based on the freight service you need. A significant portion of what we do is customization. For example, do you need a thin LED light strip to install in machinery, coolers, or under counters? Do you need AC or DC power? We can quickly design, and manufacture LED light sources to meet your needs. Our entrepreneurial company is able to move much more rapidly than many others. If required, we can also quickly manufacture the products in USA.

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